For the fifty eleventh time, the former best wide receiver in the NFL has one again apologized to his former team the Pittsburg Steelers. Brown started his NFL career with the Steelers and became an all-star receiver most say when he left the league he was clearly the best receiver in the league and a […]


If Antonio Brown will not be in the NFL anytime soon if he has anything to do with it…Sounds crazy right, well not if you have been following Antonio and seen his erratic behavior lately. This man went from being the best wide receiver in the league to the best wide receiver, not in the […]

Big shout out to NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley for putting his money where his big mouth is, by donating $1 Million to Miles College an HBCU. Which hasn’t had a donation this large in their 122-year history, Barkley’s reasoning for making such a huge donation was because of his relationship with the new […]

  Cardi B has certainly become a household name in her own right, her own way! The hip-hop superstar has been every where from Paris Fashion Week to Netflix with “Rhythm & Flow!” It is clear that the New York native is here to stay! Recently, Cardi B invited the infamous fashion magazine, Vogue, into […]


The one L. A. Rams fan I know is ecstatic after last night’s trade which sent superstar cornerback Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Las Angeles Rams. Ramsey is considered the best cornerback in the game right now but wanted out of Jacksonville after he and management could no longer see eye to […]

The 614

Everyone is talking about the Cleveland Browns and for once it’s not about their losing record, the Browns have huge expectations for the upcoming NFL season after being the joke of the league for the past 10 or more years FINALLY Browns fans have something to cheer about. Their returning core is coming back and […]

The 614

It looks like Zeek still hasn’t learned his lesson 1. Stop taking part in all of the festival activities 2. While you up in the clouds don’t mess with security or the police. While at the EDC music festival in Las Vegas someone spotted the former Ohio State Buckeye and they never took the camera […]

This isn’t a first other superstars have made cameo’s like Rob McElhenney of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Noah Syndergaard of the New York Mets, and Ed Sheeran this will be worth watching and I hope they chop off Aaron Rodgers Head lol that would be classic. We will have to wait until this Sunday to […]

Dennis must be off his meds or on some ooohh weeee lol because this dude is in a world of trouble if anyone with eyes looks at this video lol It amazes me how some entertainers believe that they can get away with murder. In the video it looks like Rodman tries to use his […]

Last year just might be his ( Tyreek Hill) last year playing football in the NFL, this case almost reminds you the Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt ordeal, everything was cool until the visual came out in this case the audio. Tyreek Hill’s son broke his arm and his Fiance’ is saying that Hill is […]

While playing in Utah last night NBA star Russell Westbrook go into an altercation with a fan during the game, Westbrook stated in an interview after the game that he fan had been trolling him all night and that whenever he’s in Utah the fans seems to cross the line. One camera caught part of […]

If you watched the WWE when it was the WWF then you remember the mountain of a man that was King Kong Bundy. For a while he was the biggest man in the WWF and he was one of the most hated villains fans loved to hate. One thing i’ll always remember is that he […]