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Summer Walker at Z107.9 Summer Jam

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Apparently, the sultry sensation, Summer Walker, is just like the title of her debut album, “over it.”

In a looong-winded message on Instagram, Summer explains that she’ll continue to put out music, but she has about had it with everything else.

The Billboard chart topper maintains that she will always be true to herself and that she will not switch up due to public pressure. These feelings are especially prevalent when it’s about her image. Summer enjoys doing her own thing, with her style and her hair (as she should), and the “mean girl/boy” routine is not something she will stand for.

Let’s not forget Summer recently had to clear up mess and snap back at fans who tried to say she didn’t shower. One thing is for sure, the internet has no chill or filter. It may take some tough skin to breakthrough the judgmental social world. That and maybe turning comments off from social media!

“Everyday/everything isn’t a miss America bad b***h contest, & I don’t feel the need to put others down to stay relevant,” Summer said.

You can check out Summer’s full caption below:

Summer Walker

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