Apparently, the sultry sensation, Summer Walker, is just like the title of her debut album, “over it.” Summer has found herself on the fast track to fame, especially after she dropped her debut ep, Over It! It’s looking like the  introverted artist may be having some trouble shaking the mass hate and criticism that comes with […]

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#bigbinkshow – Colin Kaepernick is a unwanted man.  Ever since her took his stance on racial equality in this country, he has basically been kicked out the NFL league.  He recently went Ghana to visit his roots.

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#bigbinkshow  – It’s real simple to end all racial inequality, suffering, homelessness, unemployment, etc. in this country.  Kendrick Lamar put it in a 30 seconds in this video.

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There’s a full scale mutiny behind Drake‘s feature film now — just 2 days before it hits theaters — because executive producers J. Prince and Jas are also discouraging fans from seeing it. 24 hours after Drizzy disavowed “Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage” … the Rap-A-Lot Records honchos doubled down … as Drake tweeted, “James Prince […]

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This piece is republished with permission from I remember the first day I stepped foot in my bar. I had just gotten laid off from the job that made me pray for a subway crash every morning, and was drinking free on the dime of a family friend who was a bartender there. It was […]


Because sometimes actions speak louder than words.

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Tran hopped onto her Twitter page to put an end to the media craze. “I have absolutely no involvement w any shirt w my picture on it…

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Check out Diddy Dirty Money’s new single video ‘I Hate You Love Me”, the 5th single off of The Last Train to Paris!! Related Stories: Dawn Richard Goes Solo On “Me, Myself & Y” [NEW MUSIC] Hottest Celebrity Pics Of The Week: Jan. 23-Jan. 29 Diddy Dirty Money Do Paris Fashion Week [PHOTOS]