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A local Ohio couple is now facing felony drug charges after being arrested Thursday by Hilliard Police.

Alexis Hennen, 20, and Anthony Taylor, 22, both of Columbus, are facing drug possession charges after police found more than 20 grams of fentanyl in their home near where their young children slept.

“It’s very scary and not only that, there were weapons in the house, too,” said Lt. Ron Clark of the Hilliard Police. “Some of them unsecured, so that really raises alarm for us when there are children involved.”

According to Hilliard Police, the amount of fentanyl found was enough to kill 9,000 people.

“Fentanyl related crimes can’t go unanswered and we need to protect our community and protect our citizens from this dangerous drug,” Clark said.

The couple was arrested at their Miller Avenue home in Columbus.

In addition to the fentanyl, police also seized needles, marijuana, guns, and cash.

Additional charges are pending. The couple is scheduled to appear in court sometime next week.

“The smallest amount of fentanyl can have lethal consequences,” said Hilliard Police Chief Robert Fisher. “We are appreciative of our detectives’ outstanding work in getting this dangerous drug off the street.”

Alexis Hennen
Anthony Taylor

Source: NBC4i