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The teen needs a historic double lung transplant, which doctors link to vaping.

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Source: Supplied by WENN / WENN

Can you imagine being 17-years-old and need a new lung? Welp, one teen from Michigan needs one just after vaping for a year.

According to NBC News, this teen is linked to numerous vaping-related illnesses that are making thousands sick nationwide. Doctors at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit say they have never seen such scarring on people’s lungs before.

We beg of you,” said Dr. Nicholas Yeldo, a critical care physician with the hospital system. “We don’t want to be taking care of you next.

The family hasn’t disclosed the teen’s name but say he was a thriving 16-year-old that picked up vaping and now is in the hospital fighting for his life.

He has gone from the typical life of a perfectly healthy 16-year-old athlete — attending high school, hanging out with friends, sailing and playing video games — to waking up intubated and with two new lungs, facing a long and painful recovery process as he struggles to regain his strength and mobility, which has been severely impacted,” the statement read. The boy turned 17 while in the hospital.

On Oct. 15 the boy received a transplant from an anonymous donor.

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