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Lashawn Samuel has truly become a success story, despite the tough circumstances he was raised in. He’s a resident of the Franklinton area and says faith in God and his support system ensured his ability to focus on his education. It’s safe to say that Samuel didn’t grow up in the most secure neighborhood. He […]

A Columbus teen was hit and killed by a vehicle early Saturday morning in Jackson Township. According to the sheriff’s office a 2019 Dodge Challenger was traveling east on I-270  near I-71 in the fast lane, when the victim, who appeared to be walking on the road, was hit just after 3:40am Authorities say the […]

A teenager who hit and killed a pedestrian during a high-speed chase in February 2019 has entered a guilty plea. Ramadhan Muridi pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide, failure to stop after an accident, failure to comply and two counts of receiving stolen property. Muridi was driving a stolen Chevrolet Cruz at a high rate […]


The city of Columbus will be taking the appropriate steps to assist in the prevention of teen pregnancy. A brand new $10,000 grant that will help to educate and inform teens about reproductive health has been awarded to CelebrateOne in partnership with The Columbus Women’s Commission. The State of Ohio reportedly has one of the […]


The teen needs a historic double lung transplant, which doctors link to vaping. Can you imagine being 17-years-old and need a new lung? Welp, one teen from Michigan needs one just after vaping for a year. According to NBC News, this teen is linked to numerous vaping-related illnesses that are making thousands sick nationwide. Doctors […]

A 16-year-old boy was taken to the hospital Sunday after he said he was shot while walking down the street. According to Columbus Police, the teen suffered a gunshot wound to his right side after police responded to a shooting around 3:15pm on the south side of Columbus. The teen said he was walking on […]

Columbus police are still investigating an incident in which a 14-year-old boy died after a shooting in the North Linden area of Columbus. Just after 8 p.m. Friday night, police officers responded to the 800 block of Weldon Avenue where 14-year-old Xavier Quinn had been shot. He was taken to Riverside Methodist Hospital in critical […]

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A very sad day in the city as two teens were shot and one dies in front of a elementary school Columbus Police state that “two 14-year-olds were found with gunshot wounds. Jaykwon M. Sharp was pronounced dead after being rushed to a local hospital at 8:06 p.m. The teen girl was also hospitalized, but […]

The 614

A 17 year old teen was found and arrested in Huntington, West Virginia the teen was on the run after an warrant was issued for his arrest for the murder of a 19 year old teen on the west side witness say that the shooting was the result of an argument between the teen police […]


Studies show approximately 1.8 million adolescents in the United States have been the victims of sexual assault. An estimated 23% of reported cases of sexual abuse involving children are committed by individuals under the age of 18. In Eastlake, Ohio, a man is facing charges for taking action against an alleged child molester. Police were […]

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Some people will never understand that cameras are everywhere and that if your going to commit a crime then u should probably check for cameras. This has to be one of the wildest carjacking ever, here’s what happened on camera. On Sunday morning a man pulled up to the gas station and ran in the […]

The 614

17-year-old high school junior Isaac Bryant has always wanted to be a professional singer and had plans to one day follow his dreams. Well sometimes the universe has other plans after a video of him singing the National Anthem went viral. While preparing for his upcoming wrestling match Isaac found out like everyone else in […]