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In an effort to keep riders more safe and reduce sexual assault claims made by riders, major ride share company, Uber is now emplementing audio-recordings that will occur during rides.

Hundreds of lawsuits have been brought up against Uber by passengers who say they were sexually assaulted or raped. Uber has taken all the details into consideration and is making strides to take action! The plan is to make it available to listen in on rides to make sure nothing inappropriate takes place ever.

The new audio feature will first be tested in Brazil and Mexico as early as next month. Uber says riders will also be able to choose if they want their ride recorded or not because they want to keep it entirely optional.

Neither riders or drivers will have access to listen to the recordings. When each ride is complete, the audio will be immediately encrypted for safety. This way if a rider ever feels like they were not safe or harassed during their trip, they can report a safety incident! The report will automatically send the audio recording to Uber support and the situation will be investigated further, including being shared with law enforcement upon request.

Source: Baller Alert