In an effort to keep riders more safe and reduce sexual assault claims made by riders, major ride share company, Uber is now emplementing audio-recordings that will occur during rides. Hundreds of lawsuits have been brought up against Uber by passengers who say they were sexually assaulted or raped. Uber has taken all the details […]

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When requesting a ride turns into a nightmare. It is unsettling to think that anyone using Uber or any ridesharing app would have to fear for their life. Unfortunately, that is the reality that Columbus app users are thinking about with news that an Uber driver raped one of his customers. According to 10TV, a […]

Don’t let not having a ride to the polls stop you from letting your voice and vote be heard in the Nov. 6 election! Uber is willing to help…. for free! According to Uber, the update version of their app, will feature a “Get to the Polls” button to help registered voters who cite transportation issues […]

Uber banned a female passenger from using their car service for life after she threatened to accuse a company driver of rape during an angry tirade recently caught on video in the Bronx, New York.

If you can’t stand the heat, then get out the kitchen! This truly applies to Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick. The hashtag #DeleteUber was created due to Mr. Kalanick’s support of President Trump’s ban on immigrants. Many people deleted their accounts, and one thing we all know… Money makes the world go round. Travis Kalanick has […]

#bigbinkshow – Taraji P. Henson went right into “cookie” empire mode on Uber!  Earlier this week the word came out through various media outlets that Uber seemed to support Trump’s recent Muslim ban that was signed on Friday.  Thousands of people flooded airports across the country and some Taxi workers even called for a strike […]

A Greenbelt, Maryland, Uber driver was arrested last week on charges of kidnapping and assaulting a female passenger who blacked out at a bar.

Uber drivers are now allowed to charge $5 to $10 if riders are more than 2 minutes late… Click here for details! So today Tammy and Waka released videos saying that infidelity was not the real reason they are breaking up.   MMA fighter Kimbo Slice passed away last night at the age of 42. […]

After news spread that Prince passed away, many celebrities paid homage to the legendary singer through special tributes. On Broadway, Jennifer Hudson and the cast of The Color Purple paid their respects through song by performing a rendition of Prince’s hit “Purple Rain.”

According to reports, Coley passed away on Tuesday night while receiving hospice care.

Only two weeks into the new year, and Uber is in hot water again. The driving service is under fire after a New York City Uber driver refused to pick up a woman who was in labor. According to reports, David Lee and his wife called an Uber to the hospital, but the driver complained because the expectant […]

According to data pulled from the census, 76 percent of the city’s African-American population would have to relocate in order for Chicago to be completely integrated.