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Icepack Ill is not easing his foot on these battler rapper’s neck.

Aye Verb, K Shine and others are saying “FINALLY ICEPACK ILL IS BACK!” Yung Ill took to social media to finally clapback at battlers who been talking spicy about him since his return.

It all started as a joke of a compromising photo of Tay Roc surfaced the net and Ill seeing his opportunity to flame his ass.


Of course, Roc had some words to say back to Ill on the post. “You a whole crackhead and I’ll f**k your b***h.

Wrong move Tay Tay, that right there brought out a nonstop slander fest from Icepack that has been going on now for a week.


Now Yung Ill has his eyes set on Nu Jerzey Twork and Geechi Gotti who got put on blast for liking (some say try to holla) at 16-year-old Bhad Bhabie.


I can’t breathe! Looks like Ill is getting back to promoting and getting back on social media. I am always here for the Ill that want the smoke. Are you here to see Yung Ill battle Tay Roc, Twork or Geechi in the future? See what I think below.

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