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Following Summer Walker on social media can sometimes seem like you’re binge watching a telenovela with all the drama that arises. But one thing that will always remain undeniable, is Summer’s talent. That girl can sang! Summer just dropped a brand new visual for her single “Body” and it’s giving all the tranquil zen vibes. […]

Philly rapper, Meek Mill, has randomly taken a real hiatus from social media. He disabled all of his social media accounts and fans are trying to figure out why he made such an abrupt departure. There are a number of reasons why one would want to rid themselves of social media. One being how distracting […]

Tory Lanez is on the chopping block.   Honey, the Hot Girls are not here for any of Tory Lanez’s shenanigans! Since the incident occurred, in which our good sis Megan Thee Stallion was shot after a night out with Tory and friends, fans of the budding artist are fed up. Social media has been […]


The climate of our society today has become more sensitive than ever before to issues like racism and police brutality. Authorities across the nation are under close scrutiny since the unjust murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by local police. Right here in our backyard, a Westerville Police officer is under investigation after reports about […]

Celebrity News

  The famous comedian every one loves to hate found himself in a scary situation at a recent comedy show. D.L Hughley passed out on stage during a comedy set in Nashville, Tennessee. The incident was caught on camera by an attendant of the performance. In the video you see D.L. slightly slump over a […]


  George Floyd, an African American man, had his life taken at the hands of Minneapolis police officers Monday evening. A viral video of the incident has been shared all across social media, sparking immediate anger and frustration. As of now, 4 Minneapolis police officers have been fired over their involvement in the death of […]


COVID-19 has truly put a damper on fun these last several weeks. Restaurants, bars and everything slightly resembling fun have all been forced to shut their doors, leaving many people desperate to get out the house. Private parties and house parties have been on the rise over the last few weeks in different cities across […]


During a time in which we are all confined to our homes, it’s important how we cherish the little things from music, socializing and just good vibes. Pioneering DJ D-Nice brought out all the vibes via social media as he brought over 102,000 people together via a streaming party on his Instagram Live Saturday he […]


Twitter is jumping on the bandwagon train a bit with the newest feature. Twitter is introducing its version of 24 hour “stories” with “Fleets.” With the popularity of disappearing posts, looks like Twitter needs parts. The social media giant is finally joining the ranks of its social competitors, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Wednesday, Twitter announced […]

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This request about to fall on deaf ears. I share the same sentiment Meek Mill. These girls today have run twerking into the ground. It’s old news at this point because its ALL over the place. As much as I love Megan Thee Stallion but every other video of hers is just her twerking which […]

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Future has NO CHILL! Lori Harvey and her man Future had a good time together over Valentine’s Day weekend. So much so many on social media are jus more and more speechless on their latest antic.   The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey was being a supportive girlfriend and posted a video of her dancing to […]

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Icepack Ill is not easing his foot on these battler rapper’s neck. Aye Verb, K Shine and others are saying “FINALLY ICEPACK ILL IS BACK!” Yung Ill took to social media to finally clapback at battlers who been talking spicy about him since his return. It all started as a joke of a compromising photo […]