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Meek Mill Concert & D'usse Lounge in NYC

Source: Shareif Ziyada / Shareif Ziyada

Philly rapper, Meek Mill, has randomly taken a real hiatus from social media. He disabled all of his social media accounts and fans are trying to figure out why he made such an abrupt departure.

There are a number of reasons why one would want to rid themselves of social media. One being how distracting the platforms can be. Fans are speculating that Meek may be working on new music projects. It is very popular for musicians to shut down access to their Instagram and Twitter accounts to buckle down and focus.

On the other hand, Meek may have just needed a break, which in this society, is very necessary.

Meek recently got into it on Clubhouse with DJ Akademiks, who tried to put him on blast about filming a music video in the Bahamas with former rival Drake. However, that news has not been confirmed.

Source: Baller Alert