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The report suggests money has been missing since 2013.

According to 10TV, Linworth Alternative School in Worthington has been missing money from its self-fill pop machines for six years. The total loss has equal up to $17,000.

The Worthington City Schools district treasurer’s office said they became aware of the problem back in May 2019. After official performed an audit review it was found that “payments to vendors for the pop machine exceeding the cash receipts that were deposited,” according to Ohio’s state auditor. “Revenues from the soft drink vending machine weren’t deposited “in a timely manner,” the auditor’s report said.

An administrative secretary in charge of collecting and depositing money from the machine resigned in July 2019. The secretary cited “personal reasons” behind her resignation and her attorney says she has been cooperating with police.

The school district have turned over information to the police and says they have discontinued their self-fill soft drink machine program “to eliminate the potential internal control weakness.”