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Are women’s expectations to get their snapback after giving birth unrealistic?

Amber Rose doesn’t think so and was not trying to wait to get her body snatched after giving birth to her second son Slash Edwards.

Rose who is an open book shared with her fans that she had liposuction after giving birth but says that she has to still work out and eat right.


The 36-year-old has lost 40 pounds so far so give her a round of applause. As a woman, I know how hard it is hard to just keep the weight off and I ain’t got no kids (thank God). For most women who have been pregnant know that baby weight is a monster to get off. Even if you exercise and eat right while you were pregnant.

Muva said back in November that she was planning on getting work done to get rid of the baby fat once her son was born.


As long as you know you are the beautiful momma and do it safely, go for it!

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