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Kobe Bryant promotes "NBA Hero" mobile game in Shanghai

Source: Splash News

Kobe Bryant appeared in 18 All-Star games in his 20 year career.

This year is going to feel a lot different without one of the greatest players to ever play the game not in attendance.

However, the NBA is making sure that his dominant force on the game isn’t forgotten during the All-Star weekend festivities.

The league announced Thursday that they will be changes to the format of the game inspired by Bryant.

When the fourth quarter starts, the clock will turn off and the teams will battle for a set score — 24 points more than the leading team has at the end of three. For example, if LeBron James’ team is up 125-120 heading into the fourth, the first team to 149 points wins.

The All-Star Game, which will be played in Chicago on Feb. 16, will not only be competitive but charitable as well. The NBA will be awarding $100,000 to the Chicago-based charity of the winning team’s choosing. The score will reset at 0-0 to start the second and third quarters. If the score is tied, the charity prize will rollover to the next period. The team that reaches the final target score first will win $200,000 for its charity.

Tributes to Bryant and former NBA commissioner David Stern are expected throughout the weekend in Chicago as well.