It has been more than a week since we lost one of the greatest “Kobe Bryant” and it still doesn’t seem real, and sports teams are still showing respect when it comes to honoring his memory. And those players in the NBA that had a personal relationship with Kobe are now starting to share personal […]

Kobe Bryant appeared in 18 All-Star games in his 20 year career. This year is going to feel a lot different without one of the greatest players to ever play the game not in attendance. However, the NBA is making sure that his dominant force on the game isn’t forgotten during the All-Star weekend festivities. […]


The NBA logo was made in 1971 in the likeness of Laker Hall of Famer Jerry West and throughout the years some NBA fans and former players have hinted at wanting to change the logo to another NBA Superstar. Some have said Jordan or Wilt and lately Lebron but no one really took any action […]

Following the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant Sunday morning, fans of the Black Mamba are calling for the NBA to change its historic logo from Jerry West to a silhouette of Kobe. Fans created a petition that has been gaining steam at a rapid pace. As of Monday night, the petition on change.com had 1,079,985 […]

The NBA has postponed the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the LA Clippers scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 28 at Staples Center. In a statement from the NBA, the league said the decision was made out of respect for the Lakers organization, which is deeply grieving the tragic loss of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, […]

LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant for third place on the NBA’s career scoring list Saturday night against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Lakers star scored the basket with 7:23 left in the third quarter and he waved to a Sixers crowd that gave him a rousing standing ovation when the mark was announced by the public […]

People have been playing around with this for a min. ever since Lebron made his announcement that he’s taking his talents to L.A. and now after Shaq says he’s coming back i think that there might be a public push for Kobe to come out of retirement to join forces with Lebron for at least […]

  #bigbinkshow A couple of years ago there were reports that Brandy could not fill up a venue and she had fell off with her singing.  This video has been all over the internet of Brandy goin in on stage and reminding people why we fell in love with her in the first place!  She […]

Today is not only a special day for Kobe as he celebrates his 38th Birthday! Congrats to Kobe Bryant as he gets August 24th declared as Kobe Bryant Day in the city of Los Angeles!

Now that Kobe Bryant has a lot of time on his hands, he now plans to expand his family with a baby girl on the way and talks plans on life after retirement.

#bigbinkshow Kobe just finished 20 years in the NBA – Can you name the Guys that went before Kobe in the Draft?  If you can’t, your answers are right here…    

You gotta watch! NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and Actor Michael B. Jordan gets into an argument!  Watch the video!