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Adrien Broner

Source: Startercam / Hot 1079

Adrien Broner was arrested Friday night while attending the weigh-in ahead of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fight Saturday night in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ Sports, Broner was placed under arrest by Las Vegas Metro police for trespassing after refusing to leave the MGM Grand, where the weigh-in took place.

The same spot he last fought in a loss against Manny Pacquiao in January of last year.

Broner was banned form the MGM Grand in November of 2019 for unspecified reasons. Reports say hotel security to leave. When the request was not honored, law enforcement stepped in.

Broner has since been released from the county jail, and as most people do, hopped on the IG to let everyone know everything was all good.

“Fresh out the slammer,” he penned. “What’s popping tonight Vegas?”

Run ins with the laws are uncommon with AB. In December, Broner was ordered to pay approximately $830,000 to a woman who accused him of sexual assault at a Cleveland nightclub. Prior to that, he pled guilty to two criminal charges related to the occurrence, receiving a sentence of two years probation. In February 2018, he was also arrested for misdemeanor sexual battery after groping a woman in a mall.

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