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Many teachers and staff in Columbus City Schools are outraged after an announced restructuring for special education and gifted student programs within Columbus City Schools.

According to the Columbus Education Association, which represents the districts 4,000 plus teachers, the restructuring violates their current contract.

On Friday the school district announced that 21 of the 26 transition coordinator positions would be eliminated next school year. Transition coordinators help the special education students graduate and transition them after high school to higher education, employment or independent living.

In a report to Fox 28 Columbus, CEA said that social workers, school counselors, and teachers would be required to pick up the slack.

According to CCS, the five remaining transition coordinators will then focus on an identified 300 students with more significant cognitive delays and physical impairments.

With more restructuring in the gifted program, CEA is planning to protest at the next school board meeting next week. CEA President John Coneglio told Fox 28 they may even consider filing an unfair labor complaint with the state for changing conditions of employment.