The climate of our country has been shifted in many ways. With protests against police brutality taking place across the nation, and worldwide, our government is hoping to make some effective change. In efforts to attack the issue head on, House Democrats have revealed new legislation to reform police policies. Under the new legislation officers […]

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  Amid a global viral pandemic, we are now dealing with worldwide unrest about the deadly impacts of police brutality against minorities. Across the country tensions are extremely high as Americans put their First Amendment rights to work, protesting the unjust systemic racism that has manifested for a countless amount of years. Over the last […]

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  Tensions have flared in Downtown Columbus over the last few days in response to the murder of George Floyd. Locals have come together to express their frustrations surrounding police brutality. While some protests remain peaceful, others unfortunately escalate out of control. This has caused the Columbus Police Department to announce a state of emergency […]

The 614

Many teachers and staff in Columbus City Schools are outraged after an announced restructuring for special education and gifted student programs within Columbus City Schools. According to the Columbus Education Association, which represents the districts 4,000 plus teachers, the restructuring violates their current contract. On Friday the school district announced that 21 of the 26 […]

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#bigbinkshow – The first 10 days of President Donald Trump’s Presidency has been a lot of executive orders being signed.  The most talked about order was the ban on immigrants/refugees flying into and out of our country.  Several protests have been happening around the U.S. and several card holders were detained over the weekend. Starbucks has […]


Nick Cannon led a protest outside of the Republic National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, but it's not just the Republicans he's unhappy with.


Across the country over the weekend, civilians took to the streets, blocking roadways while echoing a long-storied battle cry of justice and peace, to protest the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.