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World Suicide Prevention Day

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The show the has taken everyone TV screen by storm is “Love Is Blind” on Netflix. A social experiment where single people link up in Pods and based off the conversation you decide if you want to marry someone or not. You cannot see each other but you communicate through the pod, and hopefully you fall in love, propose and than you can see that person.

Each person does their best to tell the truth up front about who they are and get down and dirty to their soul. Some couples have the love down pact and even the physical attraction is perfect, but there is one couple who has a secret hidden, and thats the couple Carlton and Diamond.

Carlton failed to mention that he also is a Bisexual man to his fiancé Diamond, he told her on their honeymoon trip, and things got a bit out of control.

The messiness is just too much!

Catch the finale Tomorrow night on Nettflix and the Reunion March 5th.

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