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The threat of the coronavirus has shaken up the nation. The United States is currently bracing for the impact of the virus. Employers and schools across the country are taking necessary steps to help prevent the virus from taking over.

The largest school district in Ohio, Columbus City Schools, has taken appropriate steps to assure parents it is ready for the coronavirus, if and when it comes to the state.

A letter was sent home with students in Columbus City Schools as a proactive measure. The letter informs parents of what they need to know about their children and the COVID-19 coronavirus.

School officials intend to keep keeping students and staff members safe and have made it clear that it will require everyone’s participation to do so. Some of the easiest ways to be safe is keeping up with good hygiene. This includes covering your mouth when you cough, sneezing in your elbow, and washing your hands constantly.

Bottom line, the threat of the coronavirus spreading has parents in a panic. According to Kate King, the Director of Health, Family, and Community Services for Columbus City Schools, the district has received calls from some parents expressing their concerns directly to their child’s school.

“There are many coronaviruses. There’s one COVID-19, and we want to be sure that everybody understands that ahead of time. We have no cases in Ohio. We have no cases in Columbus City School. We want to keep it that way,” said King.

The CCS district is in close and constant communication with Columbus Public Health and the state health department to make sure it is up-to-date with what’s going on and following all the guidelines necessary to stop the spread.

School officials also encourage anyone who may be sick to stay home and not go to school.

Source: NBC4i