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  The threat of the coronavirus has shaken up the nation. The United States is currently bracing for the impact of the virus. Employers and schools across the country are taking necessary steps to help prevent the virus from taking over. The largest school district in Ohio, Columbus City Schools, has taken appropriate steps to […]


  Grandview students have been stepping up to the plate to help people in need of prosthetics but may not be able to afford them. Students in the district have spent hours working on prosthetic hands. Fourth-grader Aaliyah Acevedo Monjaraz said it is not all about fun and games but about making a difference in […]


This has been a debate that has been going on for the past 10 years or so, To Beat Or Not To Beat….While many of new parents believe that time out is the answer to discipline today’s children others will say it’s the reason this generation of kids are wild and out of control. You […]


Anyone nicknamed the most dangerous man on the planet should always be feared even if it’s been over 20 years since he’s last stepped foot inside the ring. Mike Tyson who is a totally different person since his Iron Mike days had to re-visit his old ways while doing an interview on a podcast over […]


With everything going on in today’s culture this new sex toy should change the game, get ready sexy people for the “Consent Pack” these condoms can only be opened with four hands pressing simultaneously on all four sets of buttons on the top and sides of the box. Full Story Here    .


This is really crazy a woman comes late and misses her appointment to file a protection order and goes crazy, it looks like in the video she going off because she’s scared and really needs this to be filed ASAP! At one point she yells so loud that the judge said he couldn’t hear the […]

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#bigbinkshow – Self Defense is a very sticky situation when it comes to defending yourself against the the Police.  This man went after the Police when they TAZED his wife.  Was this man’s behavior Justified?          

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All my Usher fans, this is for you! Usher gets sexier than ever in a sex scene in his new movie “Hands of Stone”, watch here! Parental Advisory**  

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#bigbinkshow Its starting to become a National pattern in some cities…Videos of Black Men being Shot by the Police when they are not a threat.  This Time A Cop Shot a man with Both Hands in the air in plain view….Look at the video below

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Let’s talk about the hands tonight.  Are you turned off  or turned on by a how a person takes care of their hands? If they wash their hands after doing the do, nails manicures, short stubby nails?  Or does it even matter?  Let me know!

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There’s a good reason why Rihanna named her Unapologetic duet withChris Brown, “Nobody’s Business.” Given how much speculation goes on about the true nature of the Rih/Brown relationship (they broke up in 2009 after he assaulted her and have recently sparked reconciliation rumors), fans might want to know why they decided to work together on the throwback love jam. Her […]

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Rihanna is continuing to share pictures of herself snuggled up with Chris Brown. Last night (December 20) bad girl RiRi shared a “Throwback Thursday” picture of her holding hands with the characteristically tattooed hand of Chris Brown. READ MORE RELATED:: 9 Worst (and Dirtiest) Christmas Carol Renditions Ever RELATED:: Nia Noelle’s Top 10 Christmas Song Countdown