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Yes, I am a proud Beechcroft alum and any chance I get to rub a victory in the face of one of the people I work with it a plus. Well he doesn’t work here at the station but we do a lot of business together and that person is Dwayne Carter From Jack Maxton who is a proud grad of Linden High School and earlier this year when our schools met to see who would go to the City Championship Linden proved to be the better team. Dwayne Carter made sure he let me know that Linden was the superior school and that there was no way Beechcroft could EVER beat Linden even if we were spotted 10 points. That’s what he put on Facebook, can you believe that he actually said they would win even if they gave us points and I couldn’t say anything because at the time I thought that we wouldn’t meet again this year but thank you state tournament because once the brackets came out and I saw that if both teams won their 1st round games then we would once again face each other on a neutral site and that’s exactly what happened and this time THE MUCH BETTER TEAM WON…..BEECHCROFT  that’s right we won to keep on our journey to the state championship and now I can’t get Dwayne Carter to pick up the phone lol