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Kobe played and retired with the same team, Derek Jeter played and retired with the same team and although many former great QB’s like Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, and Brett Farve all had to finish their great hall of fame careers with different teams. When it came to Brady many people including myself thought that he would retire with the Pats just like Kobe and Jeter had done with the Lakers and the Yankees. I mean after 20 years 9 appearances to the Super Bowl and 6 rings you would think the Pats owed him that, the opportunity to retire with the team that drafted him. In football, this is just like when the greatest basketball player of all time Micheal Jordan left the Bulls for the Wizards. Yes, Tom Brady is that great and to see him in a different uniform next year it’s just not gonna look right. Tom Brady is now an unrestricted free agent and has the ability to shop around for which team he believes will give him the best chance to win the Super Bowl.  Full Story Click Here