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During this time of sitting at home chilling with your thoughts, you began to think of all kinds of things like “I wonder if peanut butter and mustard would make a good sandwich if I added some honey?”. Well, you might not, but if your a sports fan you haven’t had anything to watch except old games and while watching you might ask yourself ” I wonder if Drew Lavander’s Brookhaven team in 2004  could beat Trey Burke’s 2011 Northland team? Both won the state and both had great coaches and while Brookhaven had the perimeter covered with Ron Lewis and Raheem Moss Northland had Mr. Basketball on that team Jared Sullinger and high flyer JD Weatherspoon. We will never know but we do know that would’ve been one hell of a game, but we can’t stop there because if you think of games then you start thinking about players and asking yourself who’s the best to come out of the 614 and so you do your research and then you make the list and here it is IN NO ORDER, The Top 25 BBall Players Out Of Columbus Ohio…

  1. James Bradley
  2. Esteban Weaver
  3. Michael Redd
  4. Kenny Gregory
  5. Jared Sullinger
  6. Trey Burke
  7. Andrew Lavander
  8. Tihon Johnson
  9. Herb Williams
  10. Samaki Walker
  11. Gary Trent
  12. Lawrence Funderburke
  13. Leon Rodgers
  14. Antonio Daniels
  15. Shawn Fountain
  16. George Resse
  17. Jeff Gibbs
  18. Devin Green
  19. Ron Lewis
  20. Caris Levert
  21. Lamont Barnes
  22. Granville Waiters
  23. JD Weatherspoon
  24. Seth Towns
  25. Voncameron Davis

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