Drizzy Drake is back with a new single and a new broken record, at the same damn time! That’s right, everyone’s new favorite bop, “Toosie Slide,” has earned the Canadian rapper a new top spot! The new single debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which is no new feat for Drake. […]

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During this time of sitting at home chilling with your thoughts, you began to think of all kinds of things like “I wonder if peanut butter and mustard would make a good sandwich if I added some honey?”. Well, you might not, but if your a sports fan you haven’t had anything to watch except […]

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With most of the country working form home and all of the kids out of school people are looking for series or movies to watch here is a list of 20 great movies and series that are definitely worth the watch. If you see a movie or series that didn’t make the list please let […]

Lil Uzi said you better put some respect on his name! The rapper recently dropped a new album, Eternal Atake, and every single song has made its way to the Billboard Hot 100! Not only did all 18 of his songs make it on the Billboard charts, 3 of them debuted in the Top 10!! […]

Now if you know me then you know I’m a movie/series/tv sitcom watcher I mean I watch everything when I have the time I actually put the binge in binge-watching lol. And I’m always walking around quoting different lines from movies, series, etc… and most of the time people are asking me what to watch […]

Chance The Rapper is one of the best MC’s in the game right now and if you put out a list of best rappers in the game doing it right now he would def. be in everyone’s top 10 and in a lot of people’s top 5. In a recent interview he let everyone know […]

Lately everybody and their momma has put out a top 50,25,10 and 5 rappers list and just as you would expect nobody has got the list right. One of the reasons is because when it comes to these list most people are ranking the rappers on who THEY believe should be in that spot and […]

When hip hop puts out list about the top rappers in the game a lot of times they forget to show some love to the ladies. That stops here!!! Because right now here are the top female mc’s in the game!!! Cardi B Nicki Minaj Megan Thee Stallion Remy Ma LightSkinKeisha Young Ma Kash Doll […]


Big Pac Jay Z Eminem Ice Cube Snoop Nas Andre 3000 Rakim Kanye West Lil Kim Lauryn Hill DMX KRS 1 Scarface Luda Lil Wayne Drake T.I. 50 Cent                                                      […]

US ALADDIN LION KING TOY STORY FROZEN 2 CHILD’S PLAY GLASS ANNABELLE JOHN WICK 3 HOBBS AND SHAW                                                                            […]

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I still can’t believe that the Bucks got beat the way they were beat this weekend, I mean it’s one thing to lose a good game but to just get BEAT DOWN and to look like you were giving up is just unacceptable!! Let’s just say what it is, believe it or not Purdue was […]

We haven’t heard anything from Iggy in a minute, she been well let just say chillin’, now just like Nikki while Cardi is busy with mommy duties she doing her best to become relevant again and if you know anything about this game then you know that sex sells. So Iggy went out and got […]