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Now if you know me then you know I’m a movie/series/tv sitcom watcher I mean I watch everything when I have the time I actually put the binge in binge-watching lol. And I’m always walking around quoting different lines from movies, series, etc… and most of the time people are asking me what to watch when they have a couple of days off of work so I thought why not share this great info with everyone. So here are my top ten shows/movies/tv-shows you should watch on a snow day or a day off

  1. Ozark on Netflix–Trust me you won’t be disappointed and the new season starts in March
  2. Power —It’s Power nothing else to say
  3. TWD (The Walking Dead)—You might have to block off a couple of weekends to catch up and make sure you don’t tell anyone you have to start back at Season 1 because someone WILL spoil everything for you
  4. This is Us–If you are in need of a good cry look no more
  5. Fall From Grace—-If you still haven’t seen this movie it’s a must-see even though black twitter didn’t like the fact that Tyler Perry took only 5 days to make this movie
  6. The Mandalorian on Disney—Even if you’ve never watched Star Wars you’ll enjoy The Mandalorian
  7.  Sex Education on Netflix—-It’s not what you think……wait it is what you think but better lol
  8. You on Netflix—You will so happy you listened to me and took a day to watch this series
  9. The Handmaid Tale on Hulu —–Didn’t think I would like but ended up loving this series
  10. Snowfall—-Get caught up and keep watching one of the best shows on TV

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