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Source: Nia Noelle / Nia Noelle

An officer within the Columbus Division of Police has tested positive for COVID-19 according to 10TV.com

Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said the officer who was diagnosed is not assigned to a patrol unit and that the division is making staffing changes to limit the exposure rates for officers to the disease.

The officer who tested positive learned they were likely exposed, called off, self-quarantined and self-monitored and sought testing according to Quinlan.

The positive test came back Saturday.

According to reports, officers social interactions will reduce by 20 percent as the department is moving patrol to 32 hours per week, or four-day workweeks which is expected to go in effect Sunday at 6am.

Changes are being made to ensure that there will be enough healthy officers on the force according to Quinlan.

Source: Columbus Division of Police and 10TV.com