ARP got the culture back lit with a few announcements on Thursday.

Yes, some more battles to watch and talk about while we still on lockdown. Courtesy of Rare Breed Entertainment after they announced the “Social Distancing” onsite battles.


This event will be different compared to previous events. There will be NO PPV or VOD. All battles will hit RBE‘s YouTube channel.

Wait it gets better! League co-founder ARP had to kick it up a notch by adding 40 Cal versus Cortez on the card.


Also, fans can take part by judging who had the best round, best performance, and best video visuals.


However, there was some drama between ARP and Bigg K later on in the day. A lot of drama has been going on in the culture since Ahdi Boom and Bigg K battle dropped less than a week ago. Many are picking sides when it comes to K revealing paperwork stating that Boom snitched on his co-defendant to get lesser time. It’s hard to say how ARP got in the mix of the drama. He took to his Instagram to address the drama (in his own creative way).

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How you feeling about the “Social Distance” card? Let us know below and check ARP’s video below giving more details.


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