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With the extension of the Stay-At-Home order being put in to effect this week, Columbus City Schools have made the appropriate adjustments to reach and educate students in this difficult time. The state of Ohio has forced CCS, Ohio’s largest school district, to move to virtual learning for all students.

Superintendent, Dr. Talisa Dixon, understands that virtual learning is new for everyone and we all are facing the same struggles together.

“We don’t know how long we’re going to be here but we’re going to be here together, we’re going to be working together to make sure all students have success,” said Dr. Dixon.

Through the virtual lessons being taught, students can interact with teachers through emails and video chats since they cannot be face-to-face.

The Chief Academic Officer for CCS, Dr. Tracy Ocasio, said the virtual system allows teachers to send required assignments for every student and even offer extra help and instruction to those with specific needs.

To participate, students will need to use their email addresses they already have, to log in to their web portal to receive and turn in weekly assignments. Teachers and staff will monitor each students progress from the assignments they turn in.

CCS is aware some students may have issues with internet access and other technical matters, and are working to address this for families. According to Dr. Dixon, there may be a big development coming soon.

“We want to make sure that we are listening and that we are providing the support that they need,” said Dr. Dixon. She is requesting we all be as patient as possible because everything is a work in progress.

“Do we have all the answers absolutely not, but we are going to work through this period together,” said Dr. Dixon.

Source: NBC4i