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Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

The father of 15, nah I’m just messing but the father with a couple baby mothers out here, has opened up about his love life, amidst marriage rumors.

His current girlfriend is 23 yrs old, Lori Harvey, daughter to Steve Harvey! Fans were excited when the two finally paired together.

In an interview with XXL, Future did state that his secrecy surrounding his relationship is intentional.

“It don’t bother me,” he told XXL. “You still try and find those different ways to keep it private but some way to give your fans little insights into what is going on in your life. Future acknowledged that there’s people genuinely invested in his relationships, so he doesn’t mind opening up a “a little bit.” But, he was adamant that “you got to save [the] majority for yourself and your partner.”

“You have to protect your energy at all costs,” Future stressed the importance of maintaining privacy around his relationships.

Get the full XXL interview here

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