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The battle rap world wants to crown a champion but the coronavirus won’t let it happen.

I know, I know I know. We ALL want to badly crown a Champion of the Year winner for 2019. I also know that in a perfect world it would have been done way before the coronavirus outbreak.

Welp, the world is not perfect and things happen. Early in the year, the reason why we didn’t kick 2020 off with crowning a COTY winner was because Champion’s Jay Blac hadn’t reached the goal of raising $10k for the winner. So much so, he had to post this video asking fans to donate for the cause we all (well most of us) support.


Of course, we shortly got to the $10k goal but then the end of the world happen: COVID-19. The fatal virus has literally stopped the entire world in its tracks. Battle rap is also working around travel bans and nationwide lockdowns to try to keep the culture moving.

Since we all have nothing but time these days, the complaint flood gates open and were going at Blac’s neck.


I responded to the complaints with displeasure myself.


Many fans said that people who donated had a right to complain. Others say it could have went down before the pandemic. To those I say one, we didn’t have the 10K raised and two, NOBODY saw this coming. I did suggest that if he could maybe try to do something on Caffeine but of course if not we all have no choice but to wait.

Someone tagged Blac to my thread of bickering and he finally answered why the COTY event can not happen until the quarantine is over.

So there you have it folks. I am pretty sure now Jay will post a video giving all of us an update and more details on what will happen with COTY. Until then, stay tune.