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The Dot Mobb says there are no rules in battle rap so he can recycle whenever he wants.

This interview that just dropped from 15 Minutes of Fame is gonna be a top talking point for the next week or so. Uncle Rah met up with T Rex after his battle on RBE‘s “Social Distancing” card dropped.

Many fans (including me) were not happy with Rex’s one rounder versus Ill Will due to how hard it was to even comprehend what the hell he was saying. Safe to say Will won that battle easy.


However, a few fans were able to not just understand what the Dot Mobb member was saying but point out the fact that he was recycling bars from his own song.

Now Rex tells 15MOF that not only does he recycle bars, but claims he has done so in every battle he has even been in. Plus, that he plans to do it again in his upcoming battle versus Jai 400.

Watch the full interview below.


Do you agree with T Rex’s feelings with recycling bars? Let us know below!

Source: 15 Minutes of Fame

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