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Source: Andrew Chin / GettyTory Lanez has been coming through with the entertainment during this viral pandemic. His Instagram Live was booming from his Quarantine Radio Show, so much so his page was deactivated after a little raunchy activity went on during his Lives. But that most certainly did not stand in his way.

All eyes have been on Tory, so much so, MTV has even offered to give him a 30 minute segment on their network! He most recently, put on an entire live stream performance on YouTube, called The Social Distancing Tour.

Tory, has been like the rest of us during this quarantine, bored and looking for creative ways to stay busy. The popularity of his show has allowed him to use his power to do a few good deeds.

Lanez and The Dream City Project has partnered with Amazon Music and The Dream Center to launch The Tory Lanez Dream City Fund. The fund is in direct response to the success of Quarantine Radio and will provide meals and diapers to those in need due to COVID-19.

The first donation coming from the project will cover the cost of about 100,000 diapers.

In an interview with CNN, Lanez said, “It’s very important for any artist to give back because at some point you were regular, too. I always tell artists people feel exactly how you (felt) when you were in that place.”

Tory is no stranger to the struggle so it is no surprise he has a giving heart. He’s dealt with an unfair hand early in life, from losing his mom at age 11 to being homeless, to dealing with his own son’s health issues, he knows how difficult life really is for your average person.

“In a world where we all have homes to go to, nobody’s talking about what a struggle it is for someone who’s homeless right now,” Lanez went on to say. “What a struggle it is for a woman with a child with no home right now. What a struggle it is for a woman with a child with respiratory issues. No one is thinking about that.”

Source: Complex