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Was it worth it? Was it for the views? Hitman and his girl set the record straight and address the backlash of their prank gone wrong.

Hitman Holla got us all good, real good. When photos of him and a mystery girl circulated the internet, fans, and sites like The ShadeRoom and WSHH ran with it.


Even fans were convinced that the battle rapper turn “Wildin Out” star was caught red-handed being a dirty cheater when B Simone responded to the post saying “Sis I told you this was not how to handle this. Take this DOWN!”

Even girlfriend Cinnamon deactivated her Instagram account in embarrassment.

However, it was all a prank. You know what they say about jokes and pranks, it’s only funny when we all laugh at it. Many were not laughing due to the fact Holla would publicly humiliate his girlfriend for alleged views on their new YouTube channel. Many comments left on gossip sites turned on Holla and Cinnamon.


Hitman and his girlfriend talk about the backlash and reasoning behind the prank.


Did you find the prank funny or bad taste? Let us know below.