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The local restaurant chain is under fire after allegedly trying to make employees deliver a catering order to Columbus Police on their day off. A funny part of the movie “Friday” was when Smokey (Chris Tucker) clowned Craig (Ice Cube) for getting fired on his day off. However, this story about Condado restaurant is not […]

Was it worth it? Was it for the views? Hitman and his girl set the record straight and address the backlash of their prank gone wrong. Hitman Holla got us all good, real good. When photos of him and a mystery girl circulated the internet, fans, and sites like The ShadeRoom and WSHH ran with […]

  The Wade family is most definitely considered one of the most prominent black celeb families that we all know and love! Dwayne and his wife, Gabrielle Union both know all too well how difficult it can be upholding that prominent status. Sometimes things aren’t always worry free and with the gig comes a lot […]

The 614

Does “Taco Tuesday” belong to the King or nah?   That is what a Mexican restaurant in Illinois is trying to say after news broke out that LeBron James filed to trademark the phrase. For some time now we expect to see James and his celebrate Taco Tuesday on social media. We love it! […]

Kim Kardashian West faced some major backlash over the summer after the announcement of her shapewear called Kimono. Now, Kim is no stranger to dealing with opposition. She was accused, yet again, of cultural appropriation for the choice of name for the brand, “Kimono.” Even the mayor of Kyoto, Japan politely asked her not to […]

The 614

The people in Delaware County ain’t feeling an event that happening at their local library the event is called “Drag 101”, the event was one of the biggest event that has ever happened at the library according to the library director, George Needham. But Needham also says “I don’t see this as a political event. […]

So, Chris Brown performed the “National Anthem” this past weekend at the Mayweather/Mosley Fight in Vegas. This appearance comes after a string of “questionable” antics, like here: Chris Brown Throws Hissy Fit, Storms Out Of Interview and here, Chris Brown In FLAUNT Magazine: Sexy Or Sad? It also comes after what seems like an unwanted […]

The debut of Italian Vogue‘s two new web blogs, “Vogue Black” and “Vogue Curvy,” has caused quite a bit of backlash.