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Does “Taco Tuesday” belong to the King or nah?



That is what a Mexican restaurant in Illinois is trying to say after news broke out that LeBron James filed to trademark the phrase.

For some time now we expect to see James and his celebrate Taco Tuesday on social media. We love it! So much that Lil Jon made a song all about Taco Tuesday.


However, a restaurant named Taco Tuesday Inc is not laughing. They have filed a letter of protest stating they won’t be able to keep their name if James is awarded the trademark. The company has been in business since 2016 and has been featured on television for “Chicago’s Best.”

An attorney for the restaurant states, “The quality of being a person who enjoys eating tacos (and posting to social media about one’s experience in eating tacos deemed delicious) does not give rise to a cognizable claim to trademark ownership.”

Shade. James trademark application is still under review.

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