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There’s hope in the youth right here in Columbus.

We have seen many kids witnessing history and what taking action for change looks like with their parents. We have seen kids holding up banners, and participating in protests across the globe.

A 9-year-old right here from Columbus, OH is going viral after a video showed her speaking to a crowd of protestors. Misty Johnston brought both of her daughters, Aubrey and Brooklyn Johnston, to the protest on Sunday. She recorded her Aubrey speaking to the crowd with this simple message, “If I get it you should too.”


“I’m like I really need to get over there and express my feelings so I don’t need to say it all up in my head; it was really sad to say it and it’s very sad to see all these people here protesting,” Aubrey said.

Her mother said she is extremely proud of both of her girls for doing the right thing and fighting against police brutality and racism.

“My heart melts it really does but it also breaks at the same time, you know we live in a world where not everything is right and I’m so incredibly proud that my girls took a stand,” Misty said.

“It’s just sad how we have to do this, we should just let them have freedom,” Brooklyn said.

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