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The coronavirus pandemic has been a huge hindrance for almost every American. For months now people have been out of work, quarantined and all around afraid of what is to come.

A small amount of relief that was given to Americans in the form of a stimulus check has long since run its course. Stimulus funds of $1200 and more if you have children has slowly filtered out to those who qualified and with many states still taking their time to reopen, life is a struggle to say the least for most.

Many proposals have been swirling throughout Congress for a new stimulus package but with no luck of actually being implemented. However, it looks like something may be on the way for another round of relief for Americans, according to Donald Trump.

In a recent interview, Trump confirms that their will be another stimulus package and it’ll be “very generous.”

“We had the best job numbers, the best economics, the best economy we’ve ever had, and then we had the virus come in from China. Now we’re rebuilding it again. We will be doing another stimulus package. It’ll be very good, it’ll be very generous,” Trump continued.

Trump did not have any further details about what the new  package would consist of, or when people should expect it.

Source: The Shade Room

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