The coronavirus pandemic has been a huge hindrance for almost every American. For months now people have been out of work, quarantined and all around afraid of what is to come. A small amount of relief that was given to Americans in the form of a stimulus check has long since run its course. Stimulus […]

Of course the Queen herself, Beyonce Knowles, can not just sit this one out on the sidelines. She announced that her BeyGOOD Foundation has rolled out a brand new initiative to provide relief and assistance for all of our essential workers. Beyonce recently appeared on the “One World: Together At Home” virtual event, offering support and […]

As we all know only a select few occupations have been considered to be essential and are permitted to continue to work through this viral pandemic. While most of us are at home, our mail and deliveries have still been able to reach us, thanks to companies such as Amazon. Well an Amazon employee has […]


  Small businesses throughout the state of Ohio are finding it extremely difficult to get by during this coronavirus pandemic. For most restaurants, business is barely slipping through the cracks with offering carry out only services. In Clintonville, home of the pancake balls, Katalina’s Too owner says revenue is down nearly 90%! Owner Kathleen May […]


The holiday season is full of joy and laughter and fun times with family. However, with that also comes risks. The major shopping that takes places throughout the holidays, has also become a feeding ground for thieves! It literally only takes a moment for someone to take it upon themselves to trespass on your property […]

The 614

With everything going on in the world today you would think that people would be smarter and a little more cautious when it comes to crime. But no, for some reason part time criminals keep thinking they can out smart full time police. It’s not going to happen, and that’s what postal carrier Ricky Germany […]

5:25pm 10 tv is reporting on twitter that a suspicious package was found at the Eastland Mall today so Eastland Mall had to be evacuated! No word yet on what the package was or contained…   RELATED LINKS: Big Ticket Thursday! Columbus Teens Crash Stolen SUV

Let the circus act begin! As soon as the CAVS left the court last Thursday rumors begin to spread about what LeBron would do. This is just the beginning. Rumors that LeBron James and UK coach John Calipari are being offered as a package deal are the latest rumors to go around. NBA power broker […]