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As we all know only a select few occupations have been considered to be essential and are permitted to continue to work through this viral pandemic. While most of us are at home, our mail and deliveries have still been able to reach us, thanks to companies such as Amazon.

Well an Amazon employee has put a bad taste in the air after deliberately spitting on a customer’s package while delivering it! However, he didn’t really think it through and was caught on camera in the act!

The incident occurred out in California Thursday, at a residence in Los Angeles’ Hancock Park neighborhood.

In the video, captured on the doorbell camera, you clearly see the delivery guy put the package on the porch, then spit on his hand before smearing his saliva all over it. He then steps back like he didn’t just totally violate the package and takes the confirmation photo to verify the delivery. Yuck!

Let’s just hope and pray the rest of our trusted delivery men and women aren’t as disgusting as this guy!

Source: The Shade Room