The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) announced Saturday that a bus driver tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. According to the release, the driver last drove a COTA vehicle on March 12. “COTA is fully supporting this individual and hoping for a successful recovery,” the authority said in the release. COTA did not say which […]

As we all know only a select few occupations have been considered to be essential and are permitted to continue to work through this viral pandemic. While most of us are at home, our mail and deliveries have still been able to reach us, thanks to companies such as Amazon. Well an Amazon employee has […]


  A parent’s worst nightmare was unfortunately a very real reality for some Ohio parents. On Monday, a Western Brown School District bus flipped onto its side near Hamersville, Ohio. According to Ohio State Highway Patrol officers, the school bus was driven by a substitute driver at the time of the accident with 13 students […]


A Columbus man has come to be known as a “habitual drunk driver” by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. With an extensive arrest record and a total of 36 driving suspensions including one active, you’d think he would not be someone eager to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately that is not the case for 53-year-old […]


About a week ago a group of teens were caught on camera attempting to rob and steal the car from a local Lyft driver. Columbus Police are asking for help to  identify the seven suspects. The entire ordeal started around 9:30 p.m. on the night of November 17th, right outside the Beatty Community Center located […]


  An 8 year old Ohio boy and his sister narrowly escape being kidnapped and the scene was captured on video!! The terrifying incident happened Thursday in Middletown, about 30 miles northeast of Cincinnati. The boy, identified only as Chance, and his sister, identified as Skylar, were out and about with their grandmother. The pair […]

  When I first heard about Darrell Wallace Jr. being the first Black man in fifty years to win a NASCAR series race, my first…


Driver says he did all he could during Florida school bus beating

A delivery cab driver suffered an apparent heart attack while driving and crashed on a Bronx sidewalk, striking a 17-year-old girl and her 1-year-old, sources…


The bus driver fighting incident in Cleveland, OH has sparked a national debate on respect, violence, and the results of one’s actions.  Many people who reside in Cleveland felt that the bus driver was in the right to protect himself.  On the other hand many believe that the bus driver went too far and should […]

Naomi, it’s safe to come out now…The police are no longer interested in speaking with the supermodel!! According to the NY Times, the case is closed and no charges will be filed. Naomi hit her driver as he drove through Midtown about 3 p.m. Tuesday and then ran away after the driver pulled over, according […]