The bus driver fighting incident in Cleveland, OH has sparked a national debate on respect, violence, and the results of one’s actions.  Many people who reside in Cleveland felt that the bus driver was in the right to protect himself.  On the other hand many believe that the bus driver went too far and should have taking other action.  Our sister station Z 107.9 has reached out to it’s listeners to discuss this issue.  We want to get your reaction as well.  What does this say about our youth and respecting elders?  We all know that respect of elders has diminished with today’s youth.  And what about violence among men and women?

So SOUND OFF!  Leave a comment and take our poll.  Who was wrong in this case? Should the bus driver lose his job and/or get jail time?  Should the young woman be going to jail also?  What would you have done? Watch the video below then leave your comment.

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