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Will 50 Cent ever shut up? This past weekend, the rapper discussed his love for “exotic” women with Lil’ Wayne. As he advertised his preference, he enforced the negative stigma of Black women by labeling them angry.

Via a video clip posted to The Shaderoom, the two men discussed women and the backlash they receive for dating outside of their race. “Look at this angry black mothaf*cka, get the f*ck outta here trying to f*ck up the whole vibe,” 50 said. While he admitted his response is defensive, he continued to justify his feelings by highlighting how “different” and “exotic” the women he dates are.

“That shit look a lot different from the shit you see in the neighborhood. That shit look like it just came off a boat. It’s something foreign, it’s something you just can’t get,” 50 exclaimed. Lil Wayne laughed and agreed. Both men have a history of dating outside of their race. Before their claim to fame, they dated and impregnated Black women. As they got more notoriety, they shifted to dating racially ambiguous women, with the exception of a few.

There is nothing wrong with having a preference in who you choose to date. Tearing down your own to highlight why you date outside of your race is the real problem. Black women have developed a reputation for being loud, angry, and full of drama. These labels have been given to us by society as well as our own culture. Women have served as pillars of the Black community.

Black women are exotic. It was our exotic features that led slave masters to rape us. Our ancestors know a thing or two about traveling on a boat. Black women represent beauty. If we didn’t, our culture wouldn’t be carbon copied by other races the way it is. 50 Cent’s explanation for dating outside of his race has nothing to do with Black women not being beautiful or exotic enough. It has nothing to do with Black women being angry. 50 Cent’s misguided views stems from self-hate. Someone in his life taught him that Black isn’t beautiful therefore he is unable to find the beauty in himself and the people who look like him.

The ideology that Black is not beautiful unless it’s mixed with something else has to stop. The ideology that a Black woman speaking her mind is a sign of anger has to stop. The reason Black women feel unprotected is because our men choose to use their platform as an opportunity to put us down, instead of lift us up.

50, if we’re upset about anything, it’s that you constantly bully Black women and label them angry when they respond. I personally could give a damn about your fetish for “exotic” women.


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