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The female rapper explains what happen last weekend with Tory Lanez that lead to arrest and her being rushed to the hospital.

Megan Thee Stallion

Source: Via PUMA / PUMA Women

The news surrounding the recent arrest of Tory Lanez is getting more shocking by the minute. Now Megan Thee Stallion, who was in the vehicle with Lanez and a friend during the arrest, is speaking out.

She is clearing up rumors that she as well was arrested with Lanez and how her foot was reported injured. She took to her Instagram to reveal that she was actually shot and was placed in a police vehicle to be rushed to the hospital.


It was reported that Lanez and Meg were at Kylie Jenner‘s pool party in Beverly Hills July 11th. Allegedly a shooting erupted following the party and Lanez vehicle was reported being involved.

However, The Jasmine Brand states that Jenner’s party was the night prior.

We are thankful to see Megan will be alright.

Tory Lanez Busted On Gun Charge While Megan Thee Stallion Was With Him, Twitter Blames Kylie Jenner
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Source: The Jasmine Brand