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Sad to see not one husband or boyfriend stand up to check the rapper.

This is why black women are constantly saying #ProtectBlackWomen. Tensions rise between Vado and Tahiry during an episode of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

To be honest, both have done their fair share of verbally disrespecting each other since they arrived at the house. Tahiry had to see that Vado was not being honest and having an emotional affair with one of his baby mommas. Also, he has called her a “bird,” and a “clout chaser.” While Tahiry told him that he was the “brokest man I have ever been with.”



However, a teaser for this week’s episode shows that during a heated conversation, the rapper aggressively stood up and grabbed Tahiry while threaten to put his hands on her.


Dr. Ish Major, who is one of the marriage counselors on the show, was upset about the incident. While fans applaud him for quickly separating the couple and publicly saying it was not acceptable. Fans notice he was the only man in the room that stood up.


I think it is safe to say that Vado and Tahiry should just remain friends.

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