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Source: HBO / HBO

This show is amazing from start to finish. It is one that plays on your imagination, while teaching you about the racial hours black people endured. At the sam time showing you the magic that black people posses, literally.

From monsters to ghosts, and magic LoveCraft Country is a must see.

One big stand out from the show is when it detailed on the night on May 31, 1921, The Massacre of Tulsa.

The violence happened on May 31 and June 1 in 1921, when a white mob attacked Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, killing an estimated 300 people and wounding 800 more while robbing and burning businesses, homes and churches.

“People, they were just robbed, white people coming in saying Black people had better property than they had and that that was just not right,” said Stubblefield, whose great-aunt Anna Walker Woods had her home burned and property taken. “Burning, thieving, killing wasn’t enough. They had to prevent Black people from recovering.

Its crazy that this is an event we have never heard about, until watching this show, and Im speaking for myself. However I am thankful that shows such as this shows us some of our black history. That once there was a time when black people thrived and lived solemnly together.

There is a second excavation underway to find the remains of the blacks that lost their lives during that night.

You can catch up on all the hype regarding LoveCraft Country on HBO!

Have you seen the show LoveCraft Country? or will you be watching?

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