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2 Chainz will not be able to say he’s worked with Jay Z but he seems to be okay with that. The rapper sat down during an interview to discuss his latest project So Help Me God, and his song Southside Hov, which samples Jay-Z’s “Feelin’ It”, from his 1996 album Reasonable Doubt.

“I didn’t [try to get Jay-Z on that]. Me and Hov cool. I did a video for that so I sent him the video when I did it and the song, to show him the angle that I wasn’t trying to be him. Since it was a Hov sample and the things I was talking about in the song, it was some Hov stuff. So I named it Southside Hov. He was like ‘I’m humbled by it.’ It was a cool back and forth we had.”

The reason he didn’t get Jay Z on the track:

“I’ve given up that. I don’t like rejection. I got this mental thing, the people that I deal with don’t even notice, where I might ask somebody something three times over my whole life. And secretly after the third time I won’t ever, ever, ever…I’m really twice but then I’ll be like ‘You in your feelings. Get out your feelings man, try again!’ Then I’ll be like ‘Oh naw… never again.”

“If it happens, it’ll be a blessing. But if it don’t happen, it’ll just be something that don’t happen. I’m still gon’ keep rocking, I’ll still have high respect. The thing that I wanna do with Hov is just show that I’m an the upperclassmen too. Just knowing the type of people he did that for when he was a little bit more active, obviously things have kind of shut down…”

Do you want to hear a Jay Z and 2 Chainz collab???

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