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These type of stories are never easy to write about, but according to 10tv.com a officer in Toledo has died following standoff with the suspect.

Officer Involved Shooting

Source: WSOC/Gina Esposito / WSOC/Gina Esposito

24 yr old Officer Brandon Stalker died in a standoff with a suspect in the Rosary Cathedral vandalism. Christopher Harris,the suspect in the vandalism, was also killed. Toledo price later confirmed that Harris, 27 was wanted for the arson and vandalism of the Rosemary Cathedral, there were multiple warrants out for his arrest.

There was a barricade that took place once officers approached the home of Harris, and had him surrounded. Stalker was doing perimeter police work during the standoff. When tear gas was deployed and Harris came out the home firing in multiple directions a bullet struck Stalker in the head.

Multiple officers shot and killed Harris.

The investigation is ongoing.

Courtesy of 10tv

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