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The world can be such a harsh place, especially if you’re having your life watch by random strangers who like to make comments on absolutely nothing that has to do with them.

Basketball Weekend Hosted by Lil Baby & Lil Durk

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

This time some people making comments to Lil Durk 6th BM, and apparent Girlfriend made her speak out on the role she has in his life.

“Y’all can’t make me mad about being the 6th BM. I knew I was gonna be that when I chose parenthood over planned parenthood. I’m the BM, the obsession, lover, friend, authorized user on bank cards, and beneficiary. Talk to me nice b**ches.”  

India Royale clapped back at the haters to say, she’s Lil Durks, lover, friend, beneficiary, 6th BM, and so on. Since than her twitter account has been deactivated. I forgot that every else has such a perfect life!

Other rumors went around that the couple had broken up, soon after Lil Durk posted a ring, saying the couple is never breaking up.

“Save the bulls**t we ain’t never breaking up.”

However, there is speculation the couple recently broke up. Lil Durk has disputed the infidelity claims and allegedly confirmed the pair are still together.

Courtesy of the jasminebrand

Which number BM are you?

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