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Day Time TV will be looking for a new person to replace Ellen DeGeneres, who will be leaving her TV show after 19 seasons.

Reportedly late last year, there were claims that came out against the talk show host and her staff who claimed, racism, sexual assault, and a toxic workplace environment.

Ellen Degeneres and Jalaiah Harmon

Source: EllenTube / Ellentube

Ellen recently did an interview with the Today Show where she addressed the allegations, the reason she is leaving her show, and how there is no way she could’ve known what was going on with 200 plus employees.

According to thejasminebrand.com 

“If it was why I was quitting, I would not have come back this year. It was devastating. I am a kind person. I am a person who likes to make people happy.”

She continued on “My therapist is like, very few people go through such huge public humiliation twice in a lifetime. She’s making me aware that I’m supposed to experience this for a bigger reason. How can I be an example for strength and perseverance and power if I give up and run away? It really is one of the reasons I came back. I worked really hard on myself.”

The Emmy Award Winning comedian also stated that the claims against her took a toll on her mental health.

Whos someone you could see replacing Ellen?

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